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Corrosion Inibitors

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Corrosion Inhibitor-57

INCI Name: Alkyl Pyridine Benzyl, Methanol

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Corrosion Inhibitor-57 is an alkylpyridine quaternary ammonium chloride used to formulate corrosion inhibitors used in drilling, completion, production and water floods. A corrosion inhibitor is a chemical compound that, when added to a liquid or gas, decreases the corrosion rate of a material, typically a metal or an alloy. Inhibitors often play an important role in the oil extraction and processing industries, where they have always been considered to be the first line of defense against corrosion.

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Corrosion Inhibitor-88

INCI Name: fatty acids, tall-oil, reaction products with diethylene triamine

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Corrosion Inhibitor-88 is a tall oil fatty acid (TOFA): diethylene triamine (DETA) imidazoline concentrate used to formulate corrosion inhibitors. Corrosion Inhibitor-88 can be formulated with modified TALL oils or Dimer Trimer Acids to produce an oil soluble/water dispersible product. Corrosion Inhibitor-88 can also be salted with hydroxyl acetic acid to form a water soluble corrosion inhibitor. Corrosion Inhibitor-88 is described as an amido imidazoline corrosion inhibitor base.

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