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Item # 1014, Aluminum Distearate

INCI Name: Aluminum Distearate

CAS Numbers: 300-92-5


Aluminum Distearate is the aluminum salt of stearic acid. It makes a good thickener and coating ingredient in a number of applications. In cosmetics it is used as an anti-caking agent; emulsion stabilizer; and viscosity increasing agent.

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Aluminum Distearate

CAS Numbers


Technical Data

Total Ash

9.8 to 11.0 %

Maximum Moisture

2.0 %

Free Fatty Acid

3.0 to 7.0 %

Softening Point

165 to 175 ºC

Maximum Water Soluble Salts

1.0 %

Minimum Fineness Through 200 Mesh

98 %

Used in makeup, body and skin care creams and lotions, sunscreens, baby care products.


Aluminum Distearate Material Safety Data Sheet
(PDF, 625KB)

Aluminum Distearate Technical Data Sheet
(PDF, 395KB)