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Item # 1133, Malt Syrup 80/20 Blend

INCI Name: Malt Extract, Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysate

CAS Numbers: 8002-48-0, 68425-17-2


Malt Syrup Blend 8020 is a blend of pure malted barley extract and corn syrup. Malt Syrup Blend 8020 provides valuable vitamins, minerals, nutritive carbohydrates, proteins, and free amino nitrogen. Malt Syrup Blend 8020 is a nutritious sweetener which is great when used with beverages and fermented foods.

Malt Syrup Blend 8020 can be used a an aromatic and herbal extract in cosmetics. Malt Syrup Blend 8020 can offer an incredibly fresh aroma and it can enhance the flavors of mocha, chocolate, and cocoa. Malt Syrup Blend 8020 can be used for color enhancements, natural humectants, bulking agents, and binding agents in cosmetics.


Malt Syrup 80/20 Blend Material Safety Data Sheet
(PDF, 188KB)

Malt Syrup 80/20 Blend Technical Data Sheet
(PDF, 546KB)