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Item # 1178, Steareth-21

INCI Name: Steareth-21

CAS Numbers: 9005-00-9


Steareth-21 is the polyethelyne glycol ethers of stearyl alcohol. The number indicates the degree of liquidity from 4 (thin) to 100 (solid). Steareth-21 is a semisynthetic detergent-like compound derived from the fatty acid, stearic acid, and modified using ethylene oxide (oxirane). Steareth-21 is used as an emollient or a surfactant.

Steareth-21 is used in the formulation of a wide variety of cosmetics and personal care products. These products include makeups, lotions, personal cleanliness products, deodorants, suntans lotions, fragrances, skin care products, eye care products, and hair care products.


Steareth-21 Technical Data Sheet
(PDF, 563KB)