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Item # 1102, Isostearyl Linoleate

INCI Name: Isostearyl Linoleate

CAS Numbers: 127358-80-9


Isostearyl Linoleate is a medium viscosity plant derived ester with bifunctional properties. It has unique skin absorbency properties and reduces the greasy, oily feel of mineral and plant oils with enhancing run-in and film forming properties.

Isostearyl Linoleate has superior moisturization properties as well as excellent pigment dispersing properties and therefore may be used in various types or make-up, lip gloss or lipstick, mascara formulations. It can replace mineral oil or plant oils in creams or lotions that tend to be greasy. Isosteary Linoleate can also be used in sunscreen and hair conditioning products.


Isostearyl Linoleate Technical Data Sheet
(PDF, 213KB)