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Item # 1198, Cetyl Acetate & Acetylated Lanolin Alcohol

INCI Name: Cetyl Acetate, Acetylated Lanolin Alcohol

CAS Numbers: 61788-49-6, 629-70-9


It is a blend that has been fully acetylated by reaction with acetic anhydride. It produces a straw colored liquid with a faint odor. ALAC is an emollient, water resistant, low viscosity product with excellent spreading properties that finds a variety of uses within the personal care industry.

It can be utilized as a penetrating, non-sticky, water repellent emollient in sun care products, baby oils and lotions, or as a spreading agent in creams where it can reduce the greasy feel of a high oil content product. Also used as a glosser in lipstick and hairsprays.


Cetyl Acetate & Acetylated Lanolin Alcohol Material Safety Data Sheet
(PDF, 305KB)