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Item # 1056, Decyl Alcohol

INCI Name: Decyl Alcohol

CAS Numbers: 112-30-1


Decyl alcohol is colorless to light yellow liquid primary alcohol CH3(CH2)8CH2OH derived from normal decane. Decyl alcohol is made by reduction of coconut oil or the fatty acids from this oil and is used chiefly as an intermediate for surface-active agents and perfumes. An anti-foamer, fixative used in cosmetics, perfumes, fruit flavoring in foods.

Decyl alcohol uses include alkyl amines, aluminum rolling lubricants, tertiary amines, antioxidants, concrete anti-spalling agents, cosmetics, defoamers, ethoxylates, halides/mercaptans, lubricant oil additives, methacrylates, phosphated alcohols, plasticizers, plastic lubricants/mold release, polymerization stabilizers, sulphation, sulfated ethoxylates, and epoxy resin diluent.


Decyl Alcohol Material Safety Data Sheet
(PDF, 2487KB)

Decyl Alcohol Technical Data Sheet
(PDF, 460KB)