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Item # 1179, PEG-75 Lanolin

INCI Name: PEG-75 Lanolin

CAS Numbers: 61790-81-6


Lanolin is also called wool wax or wool grease. It is a yellow waxy substance secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals. Most lanolin used by humans comes from domestic sheep breeds that are raised specifically for their wool. PEG-75 Lanolin is also called Polyoxethylene 75 Lanolin.

PEG-75 Lanolin is used in hair color and bleaching products, hair sprays, styling gels, lotions, nail polishes, eye liners, conditioners, baby wipes, shampoos, hair relaxers, tanning oils, styling mousses, foams, lighteners, nail treatment products, detanglers, moisturizers, exfoliants, and scrubs.


PEG-75 Lanolin Material Safety Data Sheet
(PDF, 609KB)

PEG-75 Lanolin Technical Data Sheet
(PDF, 547KB)

PEG-75 Lanolin Technical Data Sheet - 2
(PDF, 571KB)