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Item # 1050, Cocamide MEA

INCI Name: Cocamide MEA

CAS Numbers: 68140-00-1


Cocamide MEA is a special compound made from the fatty acids of coconut oil and monoethanolamine or MEA. This compound is typically used as a main ingredient in soaps, shampoos and skin care products. Cocamide MEA increases foaming capacity and/or stabilizes foam. Cocamide MEA is also used to thicken the aqueous (water) portion of cosmetic and personal care products. It can also be called Coconut fatty acid monoethanolamide, amides, coco, coco fatty acid amide and many more industrial names.

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Cocamide MEA

CAS Numbers


Technical Data

Maximum Free Amine as MEA

1.30 %

Maximum Glycerine

11.00 %

Melting Point

60.00 to 65.00 ºC

Maximum Acid Value


pH (10 % Aqueous Solution)

9.50 to 11.00

Maximum Total Ester Amides

6.00 %


80.00 to 90.00 %

Appearance @ 25 ºC

Tan Flake or Granular

Maximum Color (as is) (Gardner)


Used in shaving creams and gels. Also used in hair care products, hand soaps, hand sanitizers, bath products, and moisturizers.


Cocamide MEA Material Safety Data Sheet
(PDF, 450KB)

Cocamide MEA Technical Data Sheet
(PDF, 418KB)