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Item # 1092, Glyceryl Monostearate

INCI Name: Glyceryl Stearate

CAS Numbers: 123-94-4


Glyceryl monostearate is a natural fatty compound often used as an emulsifier, emulsion stabilizer, emollient, moisturizer and viscosity builder in creams and lotions. Glyceryl monostearate (GMS) is used as an ingredient in food products. It is used to keep bakery goods fresh, improve flour quality, and as an emulsifying and whipping agent for ready-to-eat products.

GMS is seen in cosmetics and beauty products for a variety of uses including as a: thickening agent, emulsifier, anti-sticking agent, dispersing agent, solvent, greasing agent, and perfume dilutant.


Glyceryl Monostearate Technical Data Sheet
(PDF, 463KB)