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Item # 1057, DHEA

INCI Name: Dehydroepiandrosteron

CAS Numbers: 53-43-0


DHEA has favorable effects on skin health and appearance. It is shown to increase production of collagen the protein that gives youthful skin its suppleness while decreasing production of the collagenase enzymes that destroy it. It exerts an anti-aging effect in the skin through stimulation of collagen biosynthesis, improved structural organization of the dermis while modulating keratinocyte metabolism. Topical DHEA also improves skin "brightness" and counteracts the "papery" appearance of aging skin, combating the epidermal thinning that is a visible hallmark of aging.

Used typically in creams and skin care products to combat signs of aging.


DHEA Material Safety Data Sheet
(PDF, 689KB)

DHEA Technical Data Sheet
(PDF, 454KB)